GRAV Straight Base Water Pipe - 16"

GRAV Straight Base Water Pipe - 16"

  • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
  • 16" Height
  • Angled Joint
  • Fission Downstem
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Funnel Bowl
  • Straight Tube Design
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Your pipe will come with one of the following label colors: Blue, Black, Red, Etch, White, Green or Purple

The GRAV Straight Base w/ Angled Joint - 16" (Clear) is a modernized version of the classic straight tube bong. Made on 44mm borosilicate glass tubing, the GRAV Straight Base features a traditional form with cutting edge features. An angled joint, fission downstem, ice pinch and 14mm glass funnel bowl deliver a seamless smoking experience with seriously smooth moisture-conditioned rips.


A single cylinder of high grade borosilicate glass cools hits while preserving the best flavors. This uncomplicated design is refreshingly hassle-free. Easy to clean, you can maintain the best performance and a clean, clear look. The borosilicate is highly resistant to heat, preventing cracking and breakage, and displaying the many fine flavors and aromas of dry herb. The GRAV Straight Base offers the simplicity of the familiar straight tube glass water pipe with a sleeker, more efficient borosilicate design.


With a straightforward design, the 16" GRAV Straight Base makes it easy to enjoy big, walloping hits. The 14mm funnel bowl efficiently burns dry herb, diffusing smoke into the water chamber through a fission downstem. After purification and moisture-conditions occurs, each rip rises from the surface, traveling up the straight tube, which is narrow and long to allow smoke to cool. To seal the deal on smoother, cooler hits, an ice pinch can be loaded with ice cubes to drop the temperature. Elegant, simple to the point of sophistication, and efficient, the GRAV Straight Base 16" water pipe offers a modern take on a much loved classic.

  • 1 x GRAV Straight Base 16" Glass Water Pipe
  • 1 x 14mm Funnel Bowl
  • 1 x Downstem


  • Dimensions:  9 x 6.25 x 18 in.
  • Weight: 2.47 lbs.

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