BO One Vaporizer

BO One Vaporizer

  • Prefilled 1.5ml Pods
  • Proprietary Connection
  • Auto-Draw Battery
  • Sleek and Stealthy
  • LED Light
  • Magnet Charger
  • USB Charging
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  • $42.99


The BO One Vaporizer is a sleek, striking auto-draw ecigarette with an innovative 1.5ml replaceable pod cartridge known as the BO Cap. Not your average ecig, this unit features a powerful 380mAh battery along with a USB charging dock, an elegant, ergonomic chassis, and a no-thread proprietary connection for quick loading of the BO Cap. This unit's eliquids come in 21 flavors, 3 nicotine levels, and do not contain acetyl propionyl, diacetyl, or ambrox. Discreet, robust, and intuitive to control, the BO One Vape offers an innovative portable pod system that delivers smooth, flavorful hits on-the-go.


Whereas the average ecigarette requires screwing a threaded connection to load the oil cartridge, BO Vaporizer streamlines the loading process with a proprietary plug-and-vape pod system. Simply plug in the BO Cap and take hit. The auto-draw battery will deliver vapor on-demand as you inhale. Choose between 21 flavors in the Tobacco, Fruit, and Gourmand categories. The portable pod system improves upon the oil cartridge with premium ingredients and a faster, smarter design. The BO One Vape enables you to enjoy delicious eliquids on-the-fly with no hassle.


BO One Vaporizer offers a powerful battery that boasts long sessions, rapid heating, and USB-charging. The auto-draw battery produces vapor as you take a hit, perfect for quick hits on the fly. You won't have to fiddle with the controls in order to vape. You can charge from almost anywhere via USB, which connects magnetically for easy attachment. The BO Vaporizer kit includes a charging dock, but a remote charging station is sold separately, allowing you to charge up from anywhere. The BO One Vape features pass-through charging so you can vape while you charge.


Elegant, compact, and ergonomic, the BO Vape was designed with convenience, discretion, and enjoyment in mind. The sleek chassis fits comfortable in your grip while striking a confident, eye-catching look. The build feels solid, but won't burden your pocket. You can keep the BO One Vaporizer concealed in your hand as you vape, and carry it with you wherever you go with no hassle. The simple, sleek design reflects in the intuitive ease-of-use. You can easily enjoy quick hits on-the-fly, and look great doing it. BO One Vape is ideal for those who want excellent vapor, portability, convenience, and style--all in one dynamic device.

  • 1 x BO One Vaporizer
  • 2 x Prefilled BO Caps
  • 1 x USB Charging Dock


    • Warranty Info:  60 Days
    • Dimensions:   1 x 2.75 x 4.5 in.
    • Weight:  0.10 lbs.
    • Vaporizer Compatibility:  E-Juice
    • Voltage:  110v


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