Tightpac Partypac Container - .06L Tightpac Partypac Container - .06L


Tightpac Partypac Container - .06L


ABOUT THE TIGHTPAC PARTYPAC CONTAINER - .06L The Tightpac TP3 Partypac Container .06L is an airtight and odor-proof carrying case for cigarettes or dry herb. The Tightpac TP3 Partypac carries up to four hand-rolled cigarettes or an 1/8th of herb. Built with extra durable polypropylene,...

Kush Kaddie Kush Kaddie


Kush Kaddie


ABOUT THE KUSH KADDIE Keeps Your Goods Protected The Kush Kaddie features a hard plastic outer shell that protects your contents from getting smashed. Whether it is a glass pipe or a new down stem, the Kush Kaddie keeps it protected. Just load up the...

Tightvac SpaceVac Container - .06L Tightvac SpaceVac Container - .06L


Tightvac SpaceVac Container - .06L


ABOUT THE TIGHTVAC SPACEVAC CONTAINER - .06L Tightvac SpaceVac is a super discreet vacuum sealed dry herb container for storing .06L of your favorite strains. The SpaceVac is odor and moisture free with a gasket for added protection, preserving your dry herb for long periods...

Tightvac GrinderVac Container - .07L Tightvac GrinderVac Container - .07L


Tightvac GrinderVac Container - .07L


Built-in Grinder Odor-Proof Vacuum Seal Discreet Design   ABOUT THE TIGHTVAC GRINDERVAC CONTAINER - .07L DRY HERB CONTAINER WITH GRINDER Tightvac GrinderVac is an all-in-one dry herb container with a built-in grinder. Carry with you all you need -- .07L of dry herb, an airtight...

TightVac Container - 2.35L TightVac Container - 2.35L


TightVac Container - 2.35L


ABOUT THE TIGHTVAC CONTAINER - 2.35L The 2.35L TightVac herb container is one of the largest of the TightVac line of dry herb containers. A simple push-button lid makes it easy to preserve your stash of precious dry herb nugs, buds, and flowers for up...

TightVac Container - 1.3L TightVac Container - 1.3L


TightVac Container - 1.3L


ABOUT THE TIGHTVAC CONTAINER - 1.3L The 1.3 TightVac stores up to 100 grams (3 ounces) of dry herb, three times as much as the .57L TightVac. A vacuum-sealed cap lets no moisture or air into the TightVac, and lets gas build-up escape to preserve...

TightVac Container - .57L TightVac Container - .57L


TightVac Container - .57L


ABOUT THE TIGHTVAC CONTAINER - .57L Store a whole ounce of herb in the .57L TightVac herb container. This half-vacuum sealed herb container is great for traveling with herb or keeping it fresh at home. Simply press the button, lift the lid, pack the herb,...

TightVac Container - .29L TightVac Container - .29L


TightVac Container - .29L


ABOUT THE TIGHTVAC CONTAINER - .29L Pack up to ½ ounces or 20 grams of medicinal dry herb in the .29L TightVac container. That’s more than twice as much its cousin, the .12L TightVac. This container keeps any dry herb strain fresh for up to...

TightVac Container - .12L TightVac Container - .12L


TightVac Container - .12L


ABOUT THE TIGHTVAC CONTAINER - .12L The .12L TightVac container holds double the dry herb contained in its sister product, the smaller .06L TightVac container. With 3 styles available--Solid for discretion, Clear for casual home use, and Tint for style points--the .12L TightVac herb container...

TightVac Container - .06L TightVac Container - .06L


TightVac Container - .06L


Airtight Water Resistant Strong and Durable Modern Design   ABOUT THE TIGHTVAC CONTAINER - .06L Whether you’re enjoying dry herb on the road or at home, keep it fresh and discreet with the .06L TightVac container. This is the most compact of the TightVac line...