Travel Set Travel Set


Travel Set

$49.99 $39.99

Skilletools is always there to make your dabbing needs comfortable, easy and soothing for you. To ease everything, it designs and launches great quality stuff to keep its clients easy. Skilletools travel set is an amazing dabber set that contains eight different dabbers. This set is...

Skilletools x Clear Dish w/ Dr. Dab Dabber Skilletools x Clear Dish w/ Dr. Dab Dabber


Skilletools x Clear Dish w/ Dr. Dab Dabber


This dish and dabber is made of clear glass and the Mathematix dish, with a built-in dabber holder comes with a prepared Dr. Dab dabber manufactured by Skilletools. This dabber tool has a flat scraper tip which handles concentrates and essential oils as per requirements....

Mrs. Dabalina Mrs. Dabalina
Mini Scoop Dogg Mini Scoop Dogg


Mini Scoop Dogg


Skilletools is known for its unique and quality products in vaping market to match your contemporary needs of vaping. Built right there in USA with highest grade and best quality materials, Skilletools’s Mini Scoop Dogg concentrate tool can perfectly fulfill your longing for best vaping...

Mini Gold Mr. Dabalina Mini Gold Mr. Dabalina


Mini Gold Mr. Dabalina


Dabbing industry is thriving to make contemporary and user friendly products. Some extraordinary products have been introduced by Skilletools which are really appreciated for their amazing features and specs. One such amazing concentrate tool introduced by Skilletools is Mini Gold Mr. Dabalina which is a...

10mm Titanium Domeless nail 10mm Titanium Domeless nail


10mm Titanium Domeless nail


Styled built by Skilletools, this product has been prepared from 100% medical grade titanium in the USA. The nail features 10mm female titanium nail which has been designed with three sophisticated heat sinks to dissipate heat evenly. The nail has a removable dish that makes...