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Pink Rocky Road Fumed Spoon Pipe Rocky Road Hand Pipe


"Bubble Bumps" Pipe


BUBBLE BUMPS PIPE The multiple glass bumps give the spoon pipe a unique feel that can also be beneficial. The raised glass bubbles can be found along the neck and around the head of the hand pipe.  The hand pipe is about four inches long...

"Rocket Man" Hand Pipe North Korea pipe
Under the Sea Hand Pipe Themed Glass Hand Pipe

Empire Glassworks

"Under the Sea" Glass Spoon


UNDER THE SEA The "Under the Sea" themed hand pipe from Chameleon Glass features a variety of aquatic wildlife including starfish, fish, and more. Constructed from thick borosilicate glass here in the USA, this spoon also features a deep bowl. This hand pipe is perfect for anybody...

empire glassworks avocado hand pipe themed glass hand pipe