1-Up Mushroom Glass Pipe 1-Up Mushroom Glass Pipe

Chameleon Glass

1-Up Mushroom Glass Pipe


This wonderful glass pipe is Mario themed inspired and has been made with the quality American glass that has earned its reputation being the sturdiest and most reliable glass. This featured glass pipe has been designed with a classic mushroom head on the front of...

America Glass Chillum America Glass Chillum

Chameleon Glass

America Glass Chillum


One of the most unique and quality products, this wonderful item features the themed glass product inspired from national colors. Constructed with blue, red and white colors, this chillum is made in the USA with quality borosilicate American glass that has earned its reputation for...

America Pipe America Pipe

Chameleon Glass

America Pipe


What better way to show your smoking buddies your patriotism than with this America pipe? While smoking out of your favorite country’s colors, this deep bowl is sure to hold your tobacco. With a flowing design of red, white and blue and made with thick Borosilicate Glass, no...

Aragorn's Briar Pipe Aragorn's Briar Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Aragorn's Briar Pipe


This amazing themed glass construction will stun you with its unique and stylish design. Made up of high quality borosilicate American glass that has earned its reputation for being sturdy, reliable and durable, this product has a characteristic side-carb construction. Its thick colored glass has...

Banana Hand Pipe Banana Hand Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Banana Hand Pipe


This product features a very funky, stylish and contemporary hand pipe that will take your smoking to next level. Banana themed inspired, stylish hand pipe is a handmade design, and features a deep bowl design to allow you to pack large amounts of tobacco and...

Bear Glow in the Dark Pipe Bear Glow in the Dark Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Bear Glow in the Dark Pipe


Themed accessories and smoking products have completely revolutionized the smoking market. One such stunning product is this bear themed glass pipe that has artistically designed bear head shape, made up of slyme glass. Its protruding eyes, nose, mouth and raised ears give a creative look...

Bee Mo Hand PIpe Bee Mo Hand PIpe

Chameleon Glass

Bee Mo Hand PIpe


Funky and stylish products have changed the smoking market and now a days, we see mesmerizing designs of smoking accessories. This product, featuring BMO themed had pipe will defiantly stun you with its splendid design and artistry. Smoke in style with this wonderful hand pipe...

Bonehead Glass Pipe Bonehead Glass Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Bonehead Glass Pipe


You will be unable to describe your adventure while smoking with this freaking skull themed hand pipe. Crafted with perfection and with a unique theme, this hand pipe is made up of highest grade, American borosilicate glass that is known for being sturdiest and most...

Bowling Pin Hand Pipe Bowling Pin Hand Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Bowling Pin Hand Pipe


Who can resist the charm of bowling? This hand pipe is an amazing luxury for bowling lovers with its stylish look and outstanding design. The hand pipe has been made of American standard borosilicate glass and has a bowling pin shape. Its themed glass construction...

Brian Pipe Brian Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Brian Pipe

$55.00 $44.99

Everyone knows the funny talking dog Brian from Family Guy. Why not show your quirky and amusing love for him when you smoke out of this pipe? Watch your favorite show while smoking out on this pipe? With a deep bowl, This pipe is not...

Cartoon Themed Pipe Cartoon Themed Pipe
Color Changing Ugly Duckling Pipe Color Changing Ugly Duckling Pipe

Chameleon Glass

Color Changing Ugly Duckling Pipe


Try this ugly duckling themed inspired design hand pipe for an ultimate and pleasurable smoking experience with a style. A very unique product having a duck design with two feet for standing in upright position and a cute duck face, will keep you enchanted. The...