Genius Concentrate Discs Genius Concentrate Discs


Genius Concentrate Discs


ABOUT THE GENIUS CONCENTRATE DISCS This is a 3 pack of Genius Concentrate Discs for the Genius Pipe. These ceramic concentrate discs perfectly fit in the Genius Pipe bowl, enabling wax concentrate consumption. The Genius Concentrate Disc acts as a sponge to absorb waxy and...

Genius Pipe - Classic Genius Pipe - Classic

Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe - Classic


ABOUT THE GENIUS PIPE - CLASSIC GENIUS PIPE - A SMARTER SMOKE Boasting a completely original design and patented waterless filtration system, Genius Pipe is a loose leaf pipe of unprecedented ease-of-use and quality. Genius Pipe will fit in your pocket or purse, perfect for...

Genius Pipe - Color Genius Pipe - Color

Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe - Color


ABOUT THE GENIUS PIPE - COLOR GENIUS PIPE IN COLOR This version of the Genius Pipe for dry herb comes in three stylish color combinations: Black/Blue (Cobalt Blue), Black/Gold (Egyptian Treasure), Green/Silver (Liberation). The Genius Pipe is an innovative dry herb pipe that filters and...

Genius Pipe - Limited Genius Pipe - Limited

Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe - Limited


ABOUT THE GENIUS PIPE - LIMITED The Genius Pipe - Limited is a unique take on the original Genius Pipe, a dry herb pipe with an innovative waterless filtration system. Available in a variety of captivating designs, the Genius Pipe - Limited let's you choose...

Genius Pipe Black Evolution Slider Genius Pipe Black Evolution Slider

Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe Black Evolution Slider


ABOUT THE GENIUS PIPE BLACK EVOLUTION SLIDER Genius Pipe Evolution Slider is a welcome upgrade to the Classic Genius slider with easier packing, increased bowl size and improved airflow. When you slide the round opening of the Genius Evolution Slider over the bowl, the thickness...

Unit Not Included Unit Not Included


Genius Pipe Carrying Pouch


ABOUT THE GENIUS PIPE CARRYING POUCH The Genius Carrying Pouch offers a discreet, protective way to carry the Genius Pipe with you anywhere. This durable, lightweight Genius Pipe case features a carabiner clip so you can easily attach it to your keys and more. The...

Genius Pipe Evolution Slider Genius Pipe Evolution Slider

Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe Evolution Slider


ABOUT THE GENIUS PIPE EVOLUTION SLIDER Introducing the Genius Evolution Slider, a new sliding piece for the Genius Pipe that enables easier access to the bowl, improved airflow, and more options for customizing your smoking sessions. The Genius Evolution Slider plays an integral part in...

Genius TruTaste Screens Genius TruTaste Screens


Genius TruTaste Screens


ABOUT THE GENIUS TRUTASTE SCREENS This is a 12 pack of Genius TruTaste Screens for the Genius Pipe. Each Genius TruTaste Screen is made of surgical grade steel with higher melting point than your average pipe screen. These high temperature resistant Genius TruTaste Screens last...