AirVape OM Vaporizer AirVape OM Vaporizer


AirVape OM Vaporizer

$89.99 $69.99

ABOUT THE AIRVAPE OM VAPORIZER AirVape OM Vaporizer has the unique quality of being powerful enough to create delicious vapor from wax and oil concentrates but compact enough to fit on your key chain. Delivering calmness in the chaos, this elegant, stealthy, and high-performance wax...

Arizer Air Vaporizer Arizer Air Vaporizer


Arizer Air Vaporizer


ABOUT THE ARIZER AIR VAPORIZER Arizer has done it again. Looking to find the same success they had with the Solo, Arizer has created a brand new portable unit that is sure to revolutionize the vaporizer industry. The Arizer Air features a high quality ceramic...

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer


Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer


ABOUT THE ARIZER EXTREME Q VAPORIZER DUAL-FUNCTIONALITY Developed by Arizer, the newly re-designed Extreme Q Vaporizer is arguably the most affordable dual-function vaporizer available today. It offers the user the unique ability to enjoy rich and flavorful vapor through a balloon bag or whip attachment....

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Arizer Solo Vaporizer


Arizer Solo Vaporizer


  ABOUT THE ARIZER SOLO VAPORIZER The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is an advanced Portable Vaporizer that truly stands above the rest. Made by Canadian manufacturer Arizer, the Solo has achieved a reputation as one of the most reliable and high-performing portable vapes out there. The...

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer


Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer


ABOUT THE ARIZER V-TOWER VAPORIZER The Arizer V-Tower may be the most effective “Whip-Style” Vaporizer on the market today. Manufactured in Canada by Arizer, the V-Tower Vaporizer features a digital display that allows the user to precisely control the vaporizing temperature. Although the V-Tower vaporizer...

Atmos Jump Vaporizer Atmos Jump Vaporizer


Atmos Jump Vaporizer


ABOUT THE ATMOS JUMP VAPORIZER The Jump is the latest vaporizer innovation from one of the biggest names in the industry; Atmos. A cross between a vape pen and a true portable vaporizer, the Jump embodies the best characteristics of both. Sleek and slim, and...

BO One Vaporizer BO One Vaporizer

BO Vaping

BO One Vaporizer


ABOUT THE BO ONE VAPORIZER The BO One Vaporizer is a sleek, striking auto-draw ecigarette with an innovative 1.5ml replaceable pod cartridge known as the BO Cap. Not your average ecig, this unit features a powerful 380mAh battery along with a USB charging dock, an...

Boundless CF Vaporizer Boundless CF Vaporizer


Boundless CF Vaporizer


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CF VAPORIZER Boundless CF is a portable dry herb and wax vaporizer that produces incredible vapor on-the-go with a lightning fast heat up time, compact and ergonomic design, and efficient hybrid convection/conduction heating system. The Boundless CF vaporizer delivers quick hits that...

Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer


Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer

$119.99 $99.99

ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CF-710 VAPORIZER POWERFUL BOUNDLESS CF-710 WAX PEN The Boundless CF-710 vaporizer performs like a dab rig but looks like a wax pen, delivering smooth, flavor-rich vapor from wax concentrates in a whole new way. Boundless Technologies, makers of the Boundless CFX vaporizer,...

Cora Replacement Cartridges Cora Replacement Cartridges


Cora Replacement Cartridges


2-Pack Ceramic Coil 1.0ml Tank Magnetic Connection Easy-to-Use Refillable   ABOUT THE CORA REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGES REPLACEMENT ELIQUID CARTRIDGES These are two replacement vape cartridges for the Cora vaporizer by VapeDynamics. Compatible with eliquid and oil concentrates, these 1.0ml pods feature a ceramic coil for even...

Cora Vaporizer Cora Vaporizer


Cora Vaporizer


ABOUT THE CORA VAPORIZER From VapeDynamics comes the Cora vaporizer, an all-in-one portable vape for oil concentrates and e-juice. As thin as a flash drive and sleekly minimalist, the Cora vape is one of the most compact--and therefore discreet--liquid vaporizers. The simple single-button control interface...

Dab Tool Dab Tool


Dab Tool


  ABOUT THE DAB TOOL The Dab Tool is the perfect accessories for your wax/waxy oil vaporizer sessions. Once a messy chore, this dabber tools make the loading and unloading of the concentrates a painless effort. Made in the USA.   ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Dimensions:  .1 x...