Dube Air Concentrate Cartridge Dube Air Concentrate Cartridge

White Rhino

Dube Air Concentrate Cartridge


ABOUT THE DUBE AIR CONCENTRATE CARTRIDGE The new Dube Air Wax Cartridge from White Rhino features 510 threading and a clear mouthpiece, allowing you to watch your vapor build before you inhale. Note: The Air Wax Cartridge is compatible with all versions of the Dube...

Firefly 2 Concentrate Pads Firefly 2 Concentrate Pads


Firefly 2 Concentrate Pads


ABOUT THE FIREFLY 2 CONCENTRATE PADS With the Firefly 2 Concentrate Pads, you can turn your vaporizer into a little portable dab machine. This 3 pack of stainless steel mesh concentrate pads is designed to rapidly absorb heat for dabs on the go.    ...

Genius Concentrate Discs Genius Concentrate Discs


Genius Concentrate Discs


ABOUT THE GENIUS CONCENTRATE DISCS This is a 3 pack of Genius Concentrate Discs for the Genius Pipe. These ceramic concentrate discs perfectly fit in the Genius Pipe bowl, enabling wax concentrate consumption. The Genius Concentrate Disc acts as a sponge to absorb waxy and...

Black Bullet Vaporizer "Bullet" Concentrate Vaporizer Kit
V2.W Concentrate Vaporizer Kit V2.W Concentrate Vaporizer Kit