DaVinci IQ Pearl DaVinci IQ Pearl


DaVinci IQ Pearl


ABOUT THE DAVINCI IQ PEARL The DaVinci IQ Pearl is an essential component of the DaVinci IQ vaporizer heating system, packing herb tightly in the chamber, and controlling temperature to ensure thorough distribution of heat throughout the bowl. The DaVinci IQ Pearl screws into the...

DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers


DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers


  ABOUT THE DAVINCI IQ GLASS SPACERS Packing your herb chamber tightly promotes efficient vaporization. But what if you have just a small amount of dry herb left? DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers allow you to pack the chamber of the DaVinci IQ tightly even if...

DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber


DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber


  ABOUT THE DAVINCI IQ FLAVOR CHAMBER Add flowers, herbs, and more to the replacement DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber to enhance your vaping experience like never before. Composed of 100% medical grade zirconia ceramic that conducts material with efficiency, the DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber is...

DaVinci Oil Cans DaVinci Oil Cans


DaVinci Oil Cans


ABOUT THE DAVINCI OIL CANS This is a set of Oil Cans for your DaVinci Vaporizer. The DaVinci Oil Cans can be used with your ground herbs and essential oils. This set includes 2 Oil Cans; one empty can for your ground herbs, the other...

DaVinci Flexi-Straw (Long) DaVinci Flexi-Straw (Long)


DaVinci Flexi-Straw (Long)


  ABOUT THE DAVINCI FLEXI-STRAW (LONG) Extend the reach of your DaVinci vaporizer by using this extra long flexi-straw. The extended "Snorkel" whip straw is 20 cm and will enhance the vaporizing experience with your DaVinci vaporizer. Size: Long version (20 cm)  

Ascent Wall Charger Ascent Wall Charger


Ascent Wall Charger


ABOUT THE ASCENT WALL CHARGER This is a replacement wall charger for the Ascent Vaporizer from DaVinci. Note: 110V-240V

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer DaVinci IQ Vaporizer


DaVinci IQ Vaporizer


ABOUT THE DAVINCI IQ VAPORIZER   From the brilliant minds behind the DaVinci and Ascent vaporizers comes the DaVinci IQ. This innovative unit features Smart Path Technology that enables the user to choose a setting from four different temp ranges while the DaVinci IQ vape...