Boundless CFV Bubbler Boundless CFV Bubbler


Boundless CFV Bubbler


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CFV BUBBLER BOUNDLESS PORTABLE BUBBLER The Boundless CFV Micro Bubbler delivers smoother, cooler, and purer vapor through water filtration all on-the-go. You don't have to sacrifice portability for purity. This high grade glass bubbler with stainless steel pieces lets you enjoy comfortable...

Ashcatcher Bubbler Green Ashcatcher Bubbler


Double Bubbler


Need a cleaner smoke? This Double Bubbler ashcatcher with its two chambers and fixed downstem will provide not only a cleaner smoke but a more flavorful one. This beautifully crafted fumed glass hand pipe comes in a choice of colors.

Dregg Rollie  Blunt Bubbler Dregg Rollie  Blunt Bubbler

MJ Arsenal

Dregg Rollie Blunt Bubbler


The limited edition Dregg boasts a dragon egg design and is handcrafted from 100% borosilicate glass. Smooth reptilian scales are carefully etched into the glass shell, and provide a comfortable and secure grip. MJ Arsenal equipped the Dregg with a dragon-shaped airpath; a triple-hole percolator...

Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler Elephant Head Mouthpiece
Fumed Hammer Bubbler with Pink Highlights Fumed Glass Hammer Bubbler