Boundless CFC Screens Boundless CFC Screens


Boundless CFC Screens


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CFC SCREENS A two pack of replacement Boundless CFC Screens. Made of high grade metal with a design that ensures optimal filtration and airflow, each Boundless CFC screen keeps herb particles inside the heating chamber and out of your mouth. Boundless CFC...

Boundless CFC Mouthpiece Boundless CFC Mouthpiece


Boundless CFC Mouthpiece


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CFC MOUTHPIECE REPLACEMENT BOUNDLESS CFC MOUTHPIECE This is the replacement Boundless CFC mouthpiece. The Boundless CFC mouthpiece features a screen that filters and sifts vapor to purify and cool each hit before it reaches your mouth. Made of high grade plastic, the...

Boundless CF-710 Replacement Coil Boundless CF-710 Replacement Coil


Boundless CF-710 Replacement Coil


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CF-710 REPLACEMENT COIL This is the replacement coil for the Boundless CF-710 vaporizer. Made with high grade materials and precision design, the Boundless CF-710 Replacement Coil features a single quartz or ceramic rod wrapped in a a high quality Clapton coil that's...