Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer


Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CFC 2.0 VAPORIZER The super compact but powerful Boundless CFC 2.0 is an upgrade to the original CFC vaporizer, now equipped with boosted airflow, water pipe adaptability, and a sleeker, slimmer design with grooves and ridges for enhanced grip. This lightning fast...

Boundless Tera Vaporizer Boundless Tera Vaporizer


Boundless Tera Vaporizer


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS TERA VAPORIZER The Boundless Tera Vaporizer is the latest addition to the Boundless line of advanced portable dry herb vaporizers. This is one of the few portable vaporizers to offer both precision temperature control and convection heating, delivering exceptionally smooth and potent...

Boundless CF-710 Water Pipe Adapter Boundless CF-710 Water Pipe Adapter


Boundless CF-710 Water Pipe Adapter


  ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CF-710 WATER PIPE ADAPTER The Boundless CF-710 Water Pipe Adapter enables you to attach a water pipe to the CF-710 vaporizer for smoother, cooler, moisture-conditioned hits. The CF-710 Bubbler Adapter fits 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm male stems and 14mm and 18mm...

Boundless CFV Bubbler Boundless CFV Bubbler


Boundless CFV Bubbler


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CFV BUBBLER BOUNDLESS PORTABLE BUBBLER The Boundless CFV Micro Bubbler delivers smoother, cooler, and purer vapor through water filtration all on-the-go. You don't have to sacrifice portability for purity. This high grade glass bubbler with stainless steel pieces lets you enjoy comfortable...

Boundless CF-710 Replacement Coil Boundless CF-710 Replacement Coil


Boundless CF-710 Replacement Coil


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CF-710 REPLACEMENT COIL This is the replacement coil for the Boundless CF-710 vaporizer. Made with high grade materials and precision design, the Boundless CF-710 Replacement Coil features a single quartz or ceramic rod wrapped in a a high quality Clapton coil that's...

Boundless CFC Mouthpiece Boundless CFC Mouthpiece


Boundless CFC Mouthpiece


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CFC MOUTHPIECE REPLACEMENT BOUNDLESS CFC MOUTHPIECE This is the replacement Boundless CFC mouthpiece. The Boundless CFC mouthpiece features a screen that filters and sifts vapor to purify and cool each hit before it reaches your mouth. Made of high grade plastic, the...

Boundless Water Pipe Adapter Boundless Water Pipe Adapter


Boundless Water Pipe Adapter


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS WATER PIPE ADAPTER UNIVERSAL WATER PIPE ADAPTER The Boundless water pipe adapter connects your Boundless vaporizer to any water pipe for smooth, pure and cool vapor production. Enjoy the fruits of water filtration in seconds by screwing the Boundless adapter into the...

Boundless CFC Screens Boundless CFC Screens


Boundless CFC Screens


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CFC SCREENS A two pack of replacement Boundless CFC Screens. Made of high grade metal with a design that ensures optimal filtration and airflow, each Boundless CFC screen keeps herb particles inside the heating chamber and out of your mouth. Boundless CFC...

Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer


Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer

$119.99 $99.99

ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CF-710 VAPORIZER POWERFUL BOUNDLESS CF-710 WAX PEN The Boundless CF-710 vaporizer performs like a dab rig but looks like a wax pen, delivering smooth, flavor-rich vapor from wax concentrates in a whole new way. Boundless Technologies, makers of the Boundless CFX vaporizer,...

Boundless CFX Vaporizer Boundless CFX Vaporizer


Boundless CFX Vaporizer


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CFX VAPORIZER The Boundless CFX vaporizer is a sleek portable that offers rapid heating, capable of reaching the selected temperature in 20 seconds or less. It features a full HD digital display screen. This gives you a wide range of temps from...

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Boundless CFV Vaporizer


Boundless CFV Vaporizer


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CFV VAPORIZER By combining and improving some features of their first two vaporizers, the CF and CFX, Boundless Technology has raised the standard for portable vapes with the CFV vaporizer. This unit offers full convection airflow since there is separation between the...

Boundless CF Vaporizer Boundless CF Vaporizer


Boundless CF Vaporizer


ABOUT THE BOUNDLESS CF VAPORIZER Boundless CF is a portable dry herb and wax vaporizer that produces incredible vapor on-the-go with a lightning fast heat up time, compact and ergonomic design, and efficient hybrid convection/conduction heating system. The Boundless CF vaporizer delivers quick hits that...