BO Power Charging Station BO Power Charging Station

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BO Power Charging Station


ABOUT THE BO POWER CHARGING STATION The BO Vaporizer Power Charging Station allows you to charge up remotely without an AC or USB power outlet. This discreet and compact box features a port into which the BO One vaporizer slides, connecting via USB for faster...

BO Charging Cord BO Charging Cord

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BO Charging Cord


ABOUT THE BO CHARGING CORD The BO Cable Charging Cord is a 70cm USB cable with a magnetic connection for easy attachment to the BO One Vaporizer. Made of durable high-grade rubber, the BO Vaporizer charging cable withstands wear and tear while delivering quick charges....

BO One Vaporizer BO One Vaporizer

BO Vaping

BO One Vaporizer


ABOUT THE BO ONE VAPORIZER The BO One Vaporizer is a sleek, striking auto-draw ecigarette with an innovative 1.5ml replaceable pod cartridge known as the BO Cap. Not your average ecig, this unit features a powerful 380mAh battery along with a USB charging dock, an...