Beehive Glass Bowl Beehive Glass Bowl
Female Reclaim Catcher Female Reclaim Catcher
KandyPens ICON Attachment KandyPens ICON Attachment


KandyPens ICON Attachment


ABOUT THE KANDYPENS ICON ATTACHMENT The KandyPens ICON Attachment is a 510 threaded mod kit designed with the daily dabber in mind. Three unique nails (quartz, ceramic and titanium) give you the ability to dab on the surface your choice. Everyone has their own personal...

Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer


ABOUT THE DR. DABBER BOOST VAPORIZER The Dr Dabber Boost eRig is the new next generation electronic dab rig from one of the most trusted names in the industry - Dr. Dabber. Say goodbye to clunky, cumbersome e-nails that cost an arm and a leg....

Dab Ninja E-Nail Dab Ninja E-Nail

Dab Ninja

Dab Ninja E-Nail


ABOUT THE DAB NINJA E-NAIL Looking for an affordable alternative to expensive e-nails that won't leave you with a hole in your wallet and a bad taste in your mouth? Enter the Dab Ninja - the most cost effective solution to desktop dab rigs yet....

Avocado Bowl Avocado Bowl
Teddy Donut Bowl Slide Teddy Donut Bowl Slide
Kitty Donut Bowl Slide Kitty Donut Bowl Slide
Cactus Bowl Cactus Bowl
Blue Mushroom Bowl Blue Mushroom Bowl
Mini Sushi Narwhal Dabber Mini Sushi Narwhal Dabber
Panda Donut Bowl Slide Panda Donut Bowl Slide